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A Quaint Aqua Lodge Village at Sunset Point Marina

Water Condo", "Floating Cottage",  "Cabin on the Water" are typical descriptions of Catamaran Cruisers' newest houseboat concept.  With the comforts of a cozy cottage and the mobility of a houseboat, the Aqua Lodge is perfect for just sitting at the marina or cruising out to your favorite quiet cove.  Thoughtfully designed and beautifully finished inside and out the Aqua Lodge features a wood-beamed lofted ceiling, a fully appointed galley, and a full bath with residential sized fixtures. The main salon is open and bright, while the master stateroom features a  panoramic water view and a private deck.  With the cost of building on the waterfront ever increasing, the Aqua Lodge is an affordable alternative. Manufactured exclusively by Catamaran Cruisers, the Aqua Lodge makes a desirable water retreat.

CLICK HERE to print an Aqua Lodge floorplan


Aqua Lodge 12x42 Photo Gallery
Click on a photo to view an enlargement

AquaLodgePhotos/12x42DisplayLodge2.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/AquaLodgedisplay.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/DSCN4858a.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/DSCN4852a.JPG
AquaLodgePhotos/2bedroomLodge1.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/PIC_0192a.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/Lodge_with_sundeck.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/Aqua_Lodge.JPG
AquaLodgePhotos/ALshower.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/ALgalley.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/ALbedroom.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/AquaLodgeSunsetPoint.jpg
AquaLodgePhotos/alnew4.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/new-2.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/alnew3.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/aln2.jpg
AquaLodgePhotos/aln.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/Sd.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/NSD.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/alo.jpg
AquaLodgePhotos/VC-015S.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/MVC-011S.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/MVC-019S.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/MVC-015S.jpg
AquaLodgePhotos/spl011.jpg AquaLodgePhotos/DSCN0627.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/MVC-007S.JPG AquaLodgePhotos/MVC-008S.jpg

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