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A Message To Marina Owners:

You can choose from the single or dual stateroom models. Both feature a wood-beamed lofted ceiling, fully appointed galley, full bath with residential-sized fixtures, and master stateroom with a panoramic water view and private deck. The dual stateroom lodge has a center stateroom allowing for a full bed and the capability to completely close off the room with pocket doors. Having the capacity to accomodate more guests is another big plus for rental applications.


These cozy cabins provide all the comforts of home with the added bonus of being right on the water. With only a finite amount of land available and ever-increasing government restrictions, a houseboat is the ideal investment alternative to waterfront property. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and set you up with a factory tour. Call today!

Why settle for a couple hundred a month in slip fees when you could be making hundreds a night with a houseboat? Our Aqua Lodge is a great stationary rental unit and a proven income generator for marinas across the country. 


The Aqua Lodge's intelligent design means you can utilize “wasted water space” including shallow water areas, difficult to rent slips, and other areas that do not lend themselves to normal boating activities. And for marinas with a restaurant on site, this is the perfect solution for guests who need a convenient place to retire to when the evening fun wraps up. 


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Aqua Lodge Houseboats for Rent
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