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Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer


Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer
Aqua Lodge Houseboats for Rent

Imagine being rocked to sleep by the gentle motion of the waves every night....

The Launch and Live series houseboats are identical to our Catamaran Cruiser models, but they're set up strictly for stationary living. They meet every definition of a boat but function as a floating home. If you don’t plan on leaving the dock, you have no need for a motor, helm, steering or the many other items necessary for propulsion. Save thousands by fitting out your boat with only what you’ll actually use.


These stationary boats are great for private ponds or lakes. They function superbly as a guest house and are perfect for liveaboard communities. Take a close look at what the Launch & Live Series could offer you for unique housing. This would be a good investment in a college town for student housing in lieu of expensive apartments, or for retirees looking for a small, comfortable home on the water.  Everything is included in the price of the Launch & Live Series for affordable and enjoyable living.





Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer

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