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Catamaran Cruisers is widely known for its long history of building houseboats, but also has quite a flair for building trailers.  The old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" is truly applicable to our fabrication shop.  What was originally built to fulfill the internal need for delivery of our houseboats has over the years grown to deploy trailers for our houseboat customers.  Although most boats are delivered to their final destination, a trailer can be very handy for service and relocation.  Let us quote a trailer for your Catamaran Cruiser. See available sizes below.

Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer


Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Trailer
Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer
  • Dual Axle trailer for our 8x31 Lil' Hobo

  • Tri-Axle trailer for our 10'x35' Catamaran Cruisers





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