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Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer


Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer

Catamaran Cruisers is a houseboat manufacturer in the heart of middle Tennessee, just southwest of Nashville. We've been around a long time⁠—since 1981. For the record, that's the same year MTV was launched and Prince Charles married Diana. The world has changed a lot since then, and so have we. Here at Catamaran Cruisers, we're constantly working to improve our products and the service we provide. 







People are usually surprised to learn that we're not a huge company. In fact, that's part of the secret to our success. We don't have fancy display models or boats in inventory. We build each one custom as the orders come in. This means we keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you. We are happy to schedule tours of our factory, just don't come expecting a brand new building or lots of boats sitting around. That's not who we are or what we're about. Our focus is on three things: our customers, our product, and our people. 

Building an Aqua Lodge

Your houseboat purchase is an investment, but more important than that, it’s a dream realized. We want you to have a boat that meets your needs and makes you happy; it’s that simple. Our sales office is on-site at the factory with unfettered access to the professionals who build our Cruisers. This facilitates communication between the builders and you, the customer, and it puts you in the captain’s seat for your boat buying experience.  


The Catamaran team is made up of seasoned professionals who know a lot about boat building. Our folks have decades of experience, and their knowledge base is the foundation of our business. But we aren't afraid to adapt and embrace emerging technology. Several new products and processes have allowed us to eliminate as much wood as possible, reducing the weight of our walls by 30%. Incorporating composite materials prevents delamination, reduces time and expense on maintenance, and extends the life of the vessels. 

For all the changes, one thing has remained the same. Catamaran Cruisers still offers the best value houseboat on the market today. From stem to stern, we ensure that each houseboat meets our exacting standards. We stand behind our pledge to build boats that are easy to buy, easy to enjoy, and easy to maintain. It's our pleasure to answer any questions you have regarding our products. Give us a call at (800) 365-1255 or email our sales department

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