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Catamaran Cruisers Houseboats

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Catamaran Cruisers Houseboats

Since 1981, Catamaran Cruisers has been guided by the simple philosophy that houseboats should be an affordable pleasure.  Your boat should be easy to buy, easy to enjoy, and easy to maintain.  With nearly 5000 watercraft manufactured and shipped to all 50 states, Catamaran Cruisers offers the best value on the market today. 

We have a boat for most any need or budget. Our houseboat floorplans range from our trailerable 8’ x 31’ Lil’ Hobo to our largest vessel, the 14’ x 58’ Catamaran Cruiser. We even offer a cozy cottage style Aqua Lodge houseboat. If you are looking for a floating home, check out our Launch and Live series. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you find just the right boat for your lifestyle. Call us at 1-800-365-1255 and begin your houseboat adventure today!

Aqua Lodge Houseboats
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