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Boats are supposed to be easy to enjoy. Sure, all boats require a certain amount of upkeep, but our Catamaran Cruisers Houseboats are simply designed to maximize the fun and minimize the fuss. They are truly a pleasure to own.

The first thing you’ll notice about our houseboats is that they offer a flat, open floorplan that promotes ease of movement. The flooring is vinyl, which is much easier to clean than carpet. You'll especially appreciate this whenever you have wet or sandy feet parading through. Most every surface is wipe and go.

Our boats feature residentially sized showers, toilets, and sinks. The kitchen is very functional and we offer a variety of appliance options. You can also choose from heating, air conditioning, and furniture packages based on your personal requirements.

When it’s time to cruise, our shallow 18 inch draft allows you to navigate without the fear of what lurks beneath. Our salt-water friendly fiberglass hulls are multi-compartmented; they can not be swamped. Twin hulls cut the water in two places, smoothing out rough water and considerably reducing "bobbing" motions. There are no filthy dirty bilges, no worries about collecting water or gas fumes. These design features result in an increase in safety and stability and mean a more enjoyable experience for you.

That's what it's all about for us. We want you to have a good time on your boat. It should be a joy to own and a pleasure to use. We've got plenty more features and options I haven't touched on here, and I bet you have more questions I haven't answered. So call the office for more information or to schedule a factory tour. Our number is (800) 365-1255 and we're open M-F 8am until 5pm CST.

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