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Be It Ever So Tiny, There’s No Place Like Home

Tiny home living is no longer a novelty, impractical and best left to the brave souls profiled on HGTV. Space is at a premium in many cities, and the cost of renting or owning property on the rise. Tiny homes are looking more reasonable, and they’re becoming more fashionable too. “Bigger is better” is still popular in some circles, but there’s been a gradual return to the idea that “thrifty is nifty.” Debt is, after all, a four-letter word.

Affordability is only one of many reasons to consider a tiny home. An overabundance of material goods is also motivating people to consider shedding their surplus for a simpler life. Less stuff means fewer clothes to wash and knick knacks to dust. It also means more time and money for the important things in life.

Purging your possessions is perhaps the easiest part. Settling on a style and size may be a tad more difficult. A quick Google search on “tiny homes” produces an overwhelming array of floorplans and pictures. In addition, you’ll find articles and blogs galore extolling the virtues and vices of down-sized living. So where do you start? Location, location, location! Even a small lot costs big bucks in a desirable area, and zoning can be another huge headache for the would-be tiny homeowner.

The simplest way around that hurdle is to live on the water. A houseboat is nothing more than a tiny house that floats. It comes with all the comforts of home, and you get the perks of waterfront property without the outrageous price tag. Live on a lake or make the bay your abode. Most marina fees are quite reasonable and generally include all the utilities and services you’ll require.

Life afloat in your own tiny houseboat provides a plethora of perks. Imagine being rocked to sleep by the gentle lapping of the waves. Wake up with a cup of coffee as you watch the sun rise over the water from your front porch. Fish, swim, sunbathe; whatever floats your boat.

The Aqua Lodge, by Catamaran Cruisers, is your ticket to living the dream. It’s a charming and cozy cottage on the water, the absolute best of tiny home living. A bright and airy main salon with lofted wood-beamed ceiling flows seamlessly into a fully appointed galley. The full bath offers residential sized fixtures and a roomy 36” shower. The master stateroom features a panoramic water view and a private deck. A loft provides additional space for sleeping or storage, and a second stateroom is an option as well.

What would you pay for such a serendipitous existence? Would you be surprised to learn that the Aqua Lodge could cost you under $90k? And unlike tiny homes, financing for houseboats is readily available. They also have a long life-expectancy. Catamaran Cruisers has been building boats for over 35 years, and we routinely receive calls from customers who still live aboard boats we built in the early ‘80s.

Take the next step and check out our website where you’ll find floorplans and pictures for the Aqua Lodge. We’d also love to get you some more specific information including options and pricing. If you’re ready to live the good life, it’s only a phone call away. You can reach us Monday through Friday 8am until 5pm CST at (800) 365-1255 or email our sales department.

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