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Rental Boats = Liquid Assets

The Aqua Lodge is an amazing investment opportunity. In marinas around the country, these cottage-style houseboats are being rented out for hundreds of dollars a night with greater than 80% occupancy. Do the math on that and compare it to what you’d normally bring in with a monthly slip rental. The income potential is phenomenal, and the model has already been proven in regions as vastly different as New England and Florida.

We know what works, and our boats can be fitted out with just what you need in a rental situation. That saves money on your initial investment because you’re not paying for things you and your renters won’t use. We recommend stationary units for rental applications, so a motor tends to be a non-essential expense. And even without one, the Aqua Lodge is still classified as a boat by the coast guard so you won’t run afoul of any “floating structure” prohibitions.

Best of all, the Aqua Lodge is extremely affordable and can be purchased comfortably equipped for under $80k. Designed with simplicity in mind, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Single and dual stateroom models are available, and the loft area provides an additional sleeping area. A well-appointed galley and residential sized fixtures in the bathroom make this homey houseboat a delightful experience for vacationers.

Our production schedule stays full, so even if you’re looking for something for next season, the time to purchase is now. Location's not a problem; we ship all over the U.S. and even outside of the country. Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to work up a quote for you.

(800) 365-1255

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